Q. Will I have an allergic reaction to Soothe My Skin?
If you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the cream, an allergic reaction is possible.
We advise to use a small amount of the cream on an inconspicuous place ( the inside of the wrist for example) to test before use on larger more sensitive areas.
If after conducting this test you experience any swelling, spots redness we advise you to stop use immediately.


Q. Can Soothe My Skin be used on kids/baby?
Unfortunately children under the age of 2 years cannot use this cream. 


Q. Is SMS a steroid based cream?

Please check the Ingredients of our cream.  

Q. Can Soothe My Skin be used while Pregnant and/or breast feeding?
No. Due to some of the potent herbs in the ingredients, we do not recommend SMS Cream to be used .
Q. When will I see results?
That is dependent on how severe your skin condition is and how well your body responds to the cream. Most people see excellent results within 5 days. Ensuring you massage the cream in well twice a day minimum gives you the best chance in seeing rapid results.
Q. Can I apply this cream to open cuts/puss?
Do not apply into open wounds. However if your eczema oozes you can still apply the cream to those areas.
Q. I have a skin condition on my scalp, can I apply Soothe My Skin to my scalp?
Yes. The application will be slightly different.
Take some the cream out of the tube and place in another small container
add some purified water to the small container and mix until it turns into a solution
apply to the affected area on the scalp and message it in to that area of the scalp
Q. Can I apply this cream to my face?
Yes, (1 week on – 1 week of) however be careful not to get any into your eyes. Wash with water immediately if you do.
Q. Is it normal to feel a slight burning sensation after application?
Yes, this can be described as a deep warming feeling, some people, however, may experience a chilling sensation, both are normal and nothing to worry about. However if you experience any pain using
Soothe My Skin or feel that the heat/cold sensation is unbearable, stop using the cream immediately.
Q. How much cream should I apply?
That depends on how large the area that is affected. Apply a small, thin layer of cream to cover and massage into the affected area.
Q. How many times a day should I apply Soothe My Skin?
Twice a day-maximum. If your skin condition is severe or is on an area that is always getting wet (your hands for example) you can use it more frequently as required.
Q. Can I return my cream if I am not happy with it?
Yes, however, conditions apply.
– after you have paid for your item you have 3 days to contact us via email to request a refund
– the warranty void seal must be intact and not show any sign of tampering
– if the item shows any signs of tampering, we will no be able to refund you,
as the item will no longer be re-sellable if tampered.
– a refund will take up to 3 business working days to process after receiving the returned package.
Q. Should I continue to use the cream when my condition has gone?
No, there is no need to continue once your skin is clear
Q. My skin is peeling, is this normal?
Yes many people have described there skin peeling after using the cream for 3-4 days. This is normal.
Your damaged skin will begin to peel off (completely painlessly) to reveal new soft, healthy skin.
My skin is now eczema free, but is now patchy.
If the skin that was affected by Eczema was darker than your normal skin, you may be left with this discoloration after your Eczema has cleared up, or the new healthy skin may be a few shades lighter than your normal skin tone. Do not be alarmed by this; as your skin heals your normal, natural, healthy skin colour will return. This can take between 3-4 weeks.